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Op-ed: U.S. should enlist tech companies to build global quick response system to prevent future pandemic

It’s not too late for the United States – driven by the cutting-edge capabilities of its technology companies – to leverage the coronavirus tragedy into a historic opportunity. It would be built around scientifically novel but increasingly available means to prevent future pandemics through constructing a “global immune system.” David Bray, the director of the […]
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How the pandemic may change the way we grocery shop

Gone are the days of leisurely browsing the aisles of grocery stores.  Instead, customers are getting used to new grocery store fixtures: Mask-wearing employees, plexiglass barriers at cash registers, one-way aisles and antibacterial wipe dispensers. Some of those will become the norm. Others will fade away as coronavirus cases decline. But many analysts predict the […]
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This is what happens if you stop paying your student loans

The coronavirus relief package lets borrowers forgo student loan payments until this October with no interest or penalties.  It is not a small gesture. Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student debt. The average borrower carried more than $35,000 in loans in 2019. Story Young, 30, dropped out of college 10 years ago after burning […]
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Op-Ed: Amazon, it’s time to disclose your coronavirus deaths

Our essential workers are dying. Just this week, we learned of three more Amazon warehouse workers who have died due to Covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to seven. Unofficial tallies, mostly tracked by concerned Amazon employees who receive text message alerts whenever one of their colleagues catches the coronavirus, peg the total […]
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