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Month: February 2021

Move over Bitcoin—SPAC mania has overtaken the markets

This is the web version of the Bull Sheet, Fortune’s no-BS daily newsletter on the markets. Sign up to receive it in your inbox here. Good morning. U.S. futures are nudging higher ahead of today’s jobless-claims data dump. Why should investors care about something as mundane as jobs? Answer: because the U.S. labor market is a […]
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One day we’ll all yawn about blockchain

In all the excitement of the latest cryptocurrency bull run—Tesla buying Bitcoin, Ethereum hitting all-time highs, Snoop Doge—it’s easy to overlook what makes the technology underpinning all this newfound loot so exciting. Mostly people just want to talk about the big price movements. And space shuttle cartoons. (Not that I’m against price talk.Wheee!) But real […]
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Does Elon Musk answer to anyone?

This is the web version of CEO Daily. To get it delivered to your inbox, sign up here. Good morning. The price of bitcoin hit a new high Tuesday morning, rising above $47,000 for the first time in its history. That was driven by Monday’s revelation that Tesla purchased $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency to hold on […]
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Is Dogecoin bad?

A friend of mine remarked the other day, wearing a pained expression, that he wished he had bought Dogecoin. “What? Why?” I asked, struggling to mask my incredulity. “Because the price has gone up so much. It’s up, like, 1,000% recently,” he said. “Elon Musk is endorsing it.” (Dogecoin’s price has surged 1,600% since the […]
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Founders Fund signs up for a Miami office

A naive part of me hoped for a slow start to Monday. This was not my day . Let’s kick off the week with a highly debated topic: the move by some venture capitalists to Florida and Texas. Founders Fund, the venture capital firm founded in part by Peter Thiel, has rented out space in […]
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