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Month: January 2021

The future of maternity workwear is all in the details

This is an installment of Startup Year One, a special series of interviews with founders about the major lessons they have learned in the immediate aftermath of their businesses’ first year of operation. While pregnant with her first son and working full-time at the United Nations as a strategist for partnerships, business development, and stakeholder […]
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CEOs discuss working with government in 2021

Good morning. About 100 CEOs participated in the Fortune CEO Initiative’s virtual meeting yesterday, focusing on priorities for business collaboration with government in the year ahead. Most of the discussion was off the record. But the session began with a few on the record briefings on key topics. Some excerpts: On fighting the coronavirus: “Right now, for […]
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CEOs want Biden to restore trust in government

Good morning. What does business want from the new U.S. administration?  We asked that question in our latest CEO survey, done in collaboration with Deloitte. We allowed each CEO to choose their top three issues (which is why the percentages below don’t add up to 100%.) Their responses: Restoring trust in government:            59% COVID relief and […]
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Many companies still have no net-zero climate plan

Good morning. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink yesterday challenged companies to disclose plans for how they will achieve “net zero” global emissions by 2050—meaning they emit no more carbon dioxide than they remove from the environment. Fink’s letter is a clear indication of the rapidly changing business attitude toward combatting climate change. But how many companies […]
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Elon Musk loves Joe Biden

Good morning.  In a lengthy phone interview with Fortune’s Vivienne Walt last week, the world’s richest man (sorry, JB) gushed over the new American president. “I’m super fired up that the new administration is focused on climate,” he said.  Musk fan boys can tell you that his political views have long leaned to the right, on […]
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Why won’t men wear their masks over their noses?

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Estonia gets its first female prime minister, it’s time to examine Vicki Hollub’s legacy at Occidental Petroleum, and men can’t seem to figure out how to wear their masks. Have a productive Monday. – Mask up? Last week, the New York Times tried to answer a question that has plagued us […]
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