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Month: November 2020

Know when to fold ’em: How a company best known for playing games used A.I. to solve one of biology’s greatest mysteries

It is March 13, 2016. Two men, dressed in winter coats and woolen hats to defend against the frigid night air, walk side-by-side through the crowded streets of downtown Seoul. Locked in animated conversation, they seem oblivious to the pulsating neon enticements of the surrounding dumpling houses and barbeque joints. They are visitors, come to […]
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Trump’s path to a second term via faithless electors has ‘zero practical chance’

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said he’d accept defeat if President-elect Joe Biden wins 270 electoral votes when members of the Electoral College vote on December 14. Trump’s court challenges have been unsuccessful at flipping Biden’s wins in battleground states like Georgia and Wisconsin. That leaves convincing Biden electors to ditch him as the President’s […]
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COVID’s impact on higher education

Good morning.  NYU tech guru Scott Galloway wins the prize for getting the first book to market on the post-Corona economy. He quickly and correctly zeroed in on what makes this economic crisis so distinct from those of the past: it was an accelerant, not a retardant. “A virus one four-hundredth the width of a human hair […]
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