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Month: October 2020

Theft of $2.3M from GOP shows how campaigns are juicy targets for hackers

When the Wisconsin Republican Party disclosed this week that hackers had stolen millions of dollars from its account—funds designated for President Trump’s re-election—Oren Falkowitz was not surprised. A former NSA hacker who now runs cybersecurity company Area1, Falkowitz says political campaigns’ record levels of fundraising this cycle—and campaigns’ habit of boasting about the money they […]
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Xi Jinping’s ‘carbon neutrality’ bombshell leaves China in a climate conundrum

On Sept. 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a bombshell environmental declaration to the United Nations General Assembly. China, the world’s largest producer of green- house gases, would begin reducing its overall emissions after peaking in 2030—and by 2060, Xi said, the nation would achieve carbon neutrality. Xi’s pledge broke through the pandemic-dominated news cycle, […]
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Why everyone’s so angry about Google’s new app icons

Earnings and mergers and lawsuits, oh my. But this Friday morning, let’s turn the lens around and consider big tech from a more personal, day-to-day perspective. When the pandemic hit and collaborating remotely became critical, Google was well positioned. It had the leading email service, popular productivity software with realtime collaboration built in, and a […]
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Tech giants disappoint, rocking global stocks and U.S. futures

This is the web version of the Bull Sheet, Fortune’s no-BS daily newsletter on the markets. Sign up to receive it in your inbox here. Happy Friday, Bull Sheeters. Big Tech’s big four—Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet’s Google—reported on Thursday a combined $38 billion in profits, and yet Nasdaq futures are bombing this morning on the […]
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Can Democrats turn Texas blue? Early voting surge fuels hopes as local GOP is ‘almost in crisis mode’

Explore Fortune‘s full coverage of the 2020 election. A dramatic surge in early voting across Texas cities is infusing fresh hope in Democrats’ dream of shaking Republicans’ once-solid grip on the state. From Austin to Houston, and in their sprawling suburbs, voter turnout is shattering records in Texas, which hasn’t gone for a Democratic presidential candidate since […]
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